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Forever Is A Long Time: Journey To Marriage

“Tis’ the season for engagements.”

Well, somewhat. My handsome fiancé propose for his birthday back in June.

I think if I was a professional speaker (wait I am, lol) I wouldn’t be able to accurately describe all those feelings and emotions I felt in that moment. Shock. Happily embarrassed. Disbelief. And the list goes on. Now that we are engaged, it’s time to prepare for one of the most memorable days of our lives. The wedding.

Aside from the traditional wedding checklist, Here’s my wedding checklist.

Lose 10 pounds

Decrease body fat by 5%

Workout everyday

Tone Tone Tone

Increase my squat weight

Get this stomach as flat as possible

I know some of you are very confused, but here’s why my wedding checklist is different.

~Between the ages 25 to 44, women gain an average of 10 pounds a year (unconsciously) (

~After marriage people gain an average of 20 pounds within 5 years, especially women (

~Women who don’t take contraceptives are approximately 98% likely to be pregnant within 1 year after marriage.

The statistics that I’ve posted above are just a few examples of why women gain weight after marriage and I don’t want to get caught with “happy weight.” So who is with me on my journey to forever? Let’s go!!!

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