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2018 Snow Day Inspiration

#happysaturday #blogpost The snow is still on the ground, the air is still crisp and I’m still glowing from our full moon this week. Wow!!! This has been a crazy start to 2018.

January’s 1st full moon 🌕 should have made us focus more on love 💕 and forgiveness, stimulated creativity, and caused us to resolve any issues lingering from 2017.

2018’s Winter ❄️ Snow was God’s way of cleansing the earth 🌏 Most germs can’t survive in the temperatures we’ve experienced this week. And did you notice how quiet it was when the snow was falling?!?! Snow is a subtle reminder of God’s wisdom “falling” from heaven to earth often gentle and silent.

Enjoy your Saturday!!! #success #yogafit #spiritual #snowday#fitnessinspiration #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #fitgirl #fitnesslifestyle#fitchick

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