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Top Reads for 2017

In 2015 I learned that most millionaires read 50 to 60 books a year. Since learning this, I’ve increased my reading each year. Last year (2017) I read/listened to 36 books. Here are my top 6 books:

1. 5 Second Rule @melrobbinslive - Great book for entrepreneurs and creative thinkers. After about 5 seconds of coming up with a new idea your brain will then create 💯+ ways of why your idea won’t work. Remember the brains job is to figure out the best way to preserve the body. With that said, 1...2...3...4...5....GO!!!!!

2-3. Black Privilege @cthagod & Last Black Unicorn @tiffanyhaddish - Great books for personal development. There’s a lot about our early life that we can’t choose or change. However, just like an awesome Spades ♠️ player, you take the hand your dealt and find ways to still win the game. Most of the time, life is all about perspective. Choose to focus on the positives even though everything around you in negative. Create your opportunities.

4. Love & Respect - I recommend this book for every married couple or engaged couple. Women need love and men need respect. When there is a good balance of love and respect in the relationship both individuals are happy and satisfied.

5. Boundaries - This book is a long read but it’s great at explaining the importance of boundaries in almost every possible relationship - couples, friends, associates, one-sided friendships, etc. I wish I read this book sooner. Every relationship has boundaries, even marriage.

6. The New Jim Crow - This book is good for learning some US history. As a black women, married to a black man, and with the potential of having some black boys, it’s important to know the history of the black man post slavery to now. Some “oppressive” legal systems, if not most, from the past are still in place today with a different face and name. #success #read #readinglist #readingisfundamental #readingisfun #amazon#amazonaudible

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