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#thiscantwait “We’re Going To Need More Wine” book Review

Just finished book #4 for the year and this book review can’t wait until the end of the year. @gabrielleunion book We’re Going To Need More Wine 🍷 had me on an emotional roller coaster as I listened to the life circumstances she endured that seemed so similar to mine. No, I’ve never been raped, but hearing the recount of her situation literally put me in her shoes and made me realize some on my own “safety nuances.” For example, like always locking doors even when my husband gets out the car to pump gas or always having to face the door so I can see who’s coming in or leaving in a restaurant. This stems directly from being blocked in by car from a guy who tried to force me to give him my number who followed me from the mall to work. Or the time a guy I didn’t know grabbed me while out with friends and when I called for help a near by guy said “take your domestic abuse somewhere else.”

The other topic that really hit home like a ton of bricks was the undiscussed issue of “team dark skinned vs team light skinned.” Growing up in the South, in the awesome state of South Carolina (said sarcastically,) it’s no surprise racism was/is an issue. It wasn’t until Nick, my husband, and I ran into a situation where our “friendship,” I meant "dating-ship" was at fork in the road and I was desperate to know where we stood. Feelings and emotions for each other ran deep, but putting a title on us seemed like it could possibly make what was easy and fun hard and disappointing. He exclaimed, “you, Tasha! Don’t go. Please stay.” Four years later he proposed. That night all I did was stare at my ring, cry, and repeat “You chose me.” Here’s the kicker. Our entire friendship/relationship I was under the impression that he would never choose me. He liked “exotic girls.” Or so I thought. What's the definition of an "exotic girl" you ask? An exotic girl, in my naivete, is light skinned or white girls with long straight dark hair. I thought I was simply a filler until he ran into the girl he actually wanted. Here I am with my horse legs, oversized booty for my 25 year old waist, hair struggles as I transitioned from the creamy crack to natural, geechee gullah accent every time I got off the phone with my mom or a family member, tomboyish ways...and he chose me. Actually, he loves ALL that 👆🏽 about me! “Team Dark Skinned vs. Team Light Skinned” As you can tell, that’s a sensitive topic. That rant was longer than I anticipated 😂 The ending of the book maybe my all time favorite though... “Fear Killed Me.” Wow! How many people are suffering or struggling because of fear? Do Not Fear is mentioned 365 times in Bible just to remind us EVERYDAY to NOT FEAR. Here’s my favorite scripture: Joshua 1:9 Great book @gabrielleunion and yes, “We’re Going To Need More Wine 🍷

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